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Financial Understanding + Responsibility Yields Independence


Finance and Fury will be focusing on helping you define your aims, and increase your knowledge and ability so you can make the best financial choices.

Aug 10, 2020

Welcome to Finance and Fury.

Quick announcement – only episode this week – have my FASEA exam coming up so need to spend spare time studying for that – back to normal next week – sorry for any delays getting back to any of you

In this episode – I walk to talk about different forms of capital –

What is the...

Aug 7, 2020

Welcome to Finance and Fury, the Furious Friday edition.

Last week we went through the Fed Theory and disconnect theories. Today I want to look at an overlapping theory to this on what is happening in society as well. I just finished an interesting book called the fourth turning and I wanted to share some insights into...

Aug 5, 2020

Welcome to Finance and Fury, the Say What Wednesday edition.

This week the question comes from Justin.

“Hi Louis  - I have been listening to your podcast for the last few months. I love all your work. I was just listening to Mondays episode of your review of the budget. And I had a question for you that maybe you...

Aug 3, 2020

Welcome to Finance and Fury.

This episode – want to continue looking at theory versus reality – Focus on the theory of Value versus Growth investing in an inflationary world – and which one does better

  1. Looked at if inflation will return – but if it does - maybe Value shares start to outperform growth shares...

Jul 31, 2020

Welcome to Finance and Fury, the Furious Friday edition.

Today – want to look at market theory versus reality – because a lot of market theory doesn’t hold up – so are the markets truly changing? Is this just a short term divergence prior to markets going back to match traditional investment theory?

  1. Or are...