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Finance and Fury will be focusing on helping you define your aims, and increase your knowledge and ability so you can make the best financial choices.

Nov 30, 2018

Welcome to Finance & Fury, the Furious Friday edition. For the past few weeks we’ve been talking about the EU and this week we’ll finish up by looking at the flow on effects of the EU breaking up. There’s no way to be 100% sure of what will occur but having a look on a country by country basis will help to break...

Nov 28, 2018

Welcome to Finance & Fury, the Say What Wednesday Edition, where every week we answer questions from you guys, the listeners! This week’s question comes from Gabriel;

“Hi Louis, I listened to an episode on NPR on the Chinese Social Credit System and thought I'd like to hear your thoughts on it. Is it a dystopian...

Nov 25, 2018

In today’s episode, Jayden interviews Michael Matusik, an independent housing market analyst. Michael aims to be a voice of reason amongst the distortion and in this episode, breaks down the Australian Property market explaining the property clock. He explores each capital city in Australia, discussing at which point...

Nov 23, 2018

Welcome to Finance & Fury’s Furious Fridays… This week we continue looking at the EU.

If you didn’t catch last week’s episode, you might want to check it out here. It explains what the EU is, and what their role in Europe actually looks like.

This week we dive a little deeper and look at the two issues faced by...

Nov 21, 2018

Welcome to Finance & Fury, the Say What Wednesday edition, where we answer your personal finance questions each week. Today’s question comes from Tara; 

“Hi Finance & Fury, love the show! I was wondering whether you would be able to provide advice on the best way to invest $1,000 - $2,000? Would love to hear your...